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Performance ~ Music Lessons ~ Weddings/Events

Please feel free to contact Randy
for a complimentary 30-minute lesson!

Performance ~ Music Lessons ~ Weddings/Events

Please feel free to contact Randy
for a complimentary 30-minute lesson!

Music Lessons

Violin and Chamber Music Lessons for All Ages

Music Lessons

Randy Cono is dedicated to bringing you and your child the highest degree of instrumental pedagogy available anywhere for the beginning to advanced student. Mr. Cono prepares students for the rigors of music conservatory and college entrance auditions as well as youth orchestras and All-State.

Randy Cono is also a member of the Charter School System in Northern California. He has taught for a number of years at Ocean Grove Charter. A highly experienced teacher he is also a vendor of affordable yet high quality musical string instruments for all ages and levels. Please feel free to check out Randy Cono at:


Private instruction in Violin/Viola as well as chamber music coaching is available for students of all age ranges, including adults.

Lesson Rates and Policy Information


Private Lessons are offered for 30 or 60 minutes. All students are required to prepare for their lessons to the best of their ability. Each student’s progress will be periodically evaluated and discussed with the student and/or parents.

1/2 hour lesson $60————1 hour lesson $120

Tuition is due on the first scheduled lesson of each month.A minimum of 24 hours notice prior to an anticipated absence is required for a make-up lesson to be considered. Exceptions will be made for emergencies and extenuating circumstances. Reasonable effort(s) will be made to provide make-up lessons for those students unable to make their regular scheduled lesson.


“It has always been evident to me and my family that he sincerely cares for his students and wants the very best for them. His sense of drive and passion for the violin and music has helped John achieve all that he has accomplished…”

Kathy R., mother (John R., violin studio musician, Nashville)

“…Randy, you have truly been an inspiration to me. I will always remember you and what you taught me. You have and always will be my favorite teacher!”

Cassadie M., student (Violin), Brigham Young University

“How many times have I thanked you? Well, thank you again and again for being such an incredible teacher and friend. I promise to make you proud!”

Mollie M., student (Viola), Indiana University Music School

“Randy is an honest and inspirational teacher; he clearly got the very best out of me as a person and as a musician. I’m very indebted to him and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

Keeli B., (Viola), Manhattan School of Music

“I’ve never had an instructor push me like he has…I’ve never gleaned so much from my lessons…Thank you Randy, for all you’ve done for me.”

Julie L., (Violin), High School Music Instructor