RANDY CONO Violin/Viola
Student Pic's

Libby and Mom (Robin) playing beautifully. 
Sebastian played great! Cool as you can get....no fear!
Paul...another lesson done.
2018 Student 

I was and am so very proud of all of my students that played and participated in this recital! 
Great job and a special thank you to Grace in allowing us to use her wonderful home and recital venue. 
Incredible improvement Iris! Very nice playing....
Audrey's first violin recital! She's only been playing for less than two months....awesome! 
Arron playing beautifully. Great job!
Student Recital 
Friends, colleagues and musicians. Everybody did an incredible job. We're all proud of you!
Ethan and Michelle rehearsing before going on.
Joey, John and Paul (making like ghoul) prior to playing and paying homage to the great fiddle. This was their pre- pre-warm-up. They sounded great----true musicians!
Nolan killed it……nice job!
Joshua getting ready backstage.

Paul playing and doing a fine job as the swashbuckling romantic that he is! Viva Paganini!
Seamus and Charlie backstage----cool players that did an outstanding job!
November 18th 2011
Pre-concert goers. Nolan and Seamus following their sisters into the hall.
Bach Double with a trio! Paul, Joey and Dad-Peter playing up a storm. Good job guys!
Shabab and Danielle waiting on deck prior to playing. Great job you guys!
Great job Les! You sounded great!
(For those of you that don't know, Les hasn't been playing that long....he works very hard and he's made incredible progress. A true inspiration!)
Student Squirt Gun Fun after lessons in the summer.
Julian and Clarice Helping each other out.
Eden playing and doing a great job!
Lindsey was awesome…….what a talent!
Great job Simon!
Jordan and Owen playing a couple duets for Violin and Viola…..great job you guys!

Recital 2011
Sofia doing an incredible job! You got it girl! Rhythm, intonation, musicality=

Olin ripping into it! No fear and really musical. We're all very proud!
Zoe playing very well and elegantly. Great job in your debut!
Paul studying the score before going on!
After the
Randy at the turn of the last century.
Kathy S. (Teacher) & Julian