RANDY CONO Violin/Viola
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So What Does Randy Do When He's Not Playing?

Giving a ride to his daughter Ily and Wawa (her favorite bear)!
Track Day-Thunder Hill on the Duc
Track Day-Thunder Hill
Track Day-Thunder Hill
Track Day-Thunder Hill
Day in the dirt.
Yellowstone-Bison (I stayed away!)
Grand Tetons
Moto Guzzi (The Beast)
Sailing in Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz...great day!
Proof that Big Foot lives...yes?
My newest track day bike......
Death Valley with Julian (my son)
Hiking in Yosemite
Crater Lake
Street Triple R-Very fast!
Moto GP-Race Day.
Skiing with my son. Great day!
Street Triple R
Really great bike! 2012 Street Triple R